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1031 Exchange – “Have your cake and eat it too”

It is starting to be a very busy time of year for a push on 1031 exchange related services landing in the business email box. Not sure if this confession should be made however, it appears that there is a growing tendency to open each to see what the next ‘save me from the tax man’ solution might be. We of course do not profess to know one way or another as we are not tax consultants. If you are close to being curious like us, you will click the image below, open and read and then decide for yourselves.

This one captured our attention with the headline “Defer your capital gains tax for 30 years.” It hit on all our hot buttons such as: “generate liquidity”; “convenient and secure”; and “have your cake and eat it too” – sounds good to us. Whether you are tempted out of curiosity or really could use a solution – it may be just one click away. Click the image below to read on...

Disclaimer: No warranty, express or implied, is made as to the accuracy or suitability of the information contained herein by Exclusive Commercial Access Real Estate. Parties who receive information from other persons from other companies information should not rely on it, but should use it as a starting point of analysis, and should independently confirm the accuracy of the information contained herein through a due diligence review of its own and should conduct an independent investigation of the service(s) or information of which may include books, records, files and documents that constitute reliable sources of the information described herein as to the suitability of the service or asset for its own needs.

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