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Customer Service – Do We Have your Attention

In the not too far distant past, many of you may have either encountered a customer in the daily workings of your business or were thinking you were a customer of another person’s business. So, how did it go? Were you immediately recognized as a customer? Were you seen as a person that buys their product or did you sense you were being viewed as the wet, slippery fish challenging to catch? Let’s take your role as the customer in another person’s business for the moment in this scenario.

Were you treated as part of the sales process of that business? Did you have a sense or feel that you were a recipient of good service? Perhaps you might tell others that it was one of your better experiences, or one of your worst, or say nothing to another of your experience. If having a good customer is important to you, then knowing what a customer is and how to relate to your customer may be in part key towards your success.

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