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  1. “Growth in California has stalled out”

  2. “California’s 2018 population growth was the slowest in state history”

  3. “slow growth also was due to a lack of housing"

These are just a few of the headlines and parts of a recent story as reported in this week’s edition of the Los Angeles Times by Javier Panzar and Sarah Parvini. It appears California has had slow growth from 2018 according to estimates released by the state Department of Finance. The American Community did a demographic study finding that approximately 5 million people moved into California from other states during the period from 2007 to 2016. During this same period approximately 6 million left (moved out) of California. So what does this mean for business; land values; demographic profiles; and housing? For further information please click on the link below for more micro details as to the reasons discovered as a result of several studies regarding what is causing the changes (slower growth) in the great state of California.

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