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Do You Favor Commitment or Being Free

If you favor working independently "as in freelancing," over being in a company commitment, you may find that you are not alone.

Nearly 57 million Americans are independent workers, according to a study, "Freelancing in America 2018," that was co-authored by the Freelancers Union as provided in the daily Financial Advisor Magazine E-Newsletter, April 2018. That is an increase of some 740,000 per year over the last five years. Freelancers now comprise a little more than a third of the American workforce, the report said.

"Average weekly hours spent freelancing increased 72 million hours per week from 998 million in 2015 to more than one billion hours per week of freelancing this year," per the report. Behind the U.S. is India, with the second highest number of people freelancing in the world. This probably would not surprise you, assuming you are all well too familiar with telephone service providers when trouble arises with credit card billing; computer issues; and the like.

Some of the benefits one enjoys are freedom – to choose where you work; opportunity to work as little or much as you like; or choose your projects or types of clients you wish to work on and with. It can be said that freelancing gives you access both near and far – local, regional, international.

Sounds to us, that if you prefer a range of options in your working life, freelancing is offering options like never before. Hotels, offices, community centers and coffee shops like Starbucks help to make freelancing convenient from any corner ‘office’ around the world. As one freelancer anonymously said, “My experience as a freelancer has helped me appreciate the beauty of life, something that’s uncertain, yet beautiful and worth living.”

Information and quotes in this blog originated from the article: "Gig Economy Offers Financial Advisors A New Type Of Client", written by: Gregory Bresiger.

For further information on how to become a freelancer, please go to:

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