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  • Deborah Luedy

Our Moxy Motto and Heavenly Bed Choices

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Curious? We thought you might be. Moxy, Motto and Heavenly have something in common. If you are a traveler and are looking for an affordable place to have fun, you might want to look into the Marriott brand Moxy. This is their distinct brand to give the traveler a fun place to stay at affordable prices. If its wellness and rest you seek, you may want to try the Westin brand – Heavenly Bed in a color scheme that will only add to your heavenly experience. The number of different hotels is beyond my pay grade, but with nearly ±190,000 hotels and counting around the world with a reported over 17 million hotel rooms, there is plenty of room for a vast assortment of brands. Brands are key for matching who the guest is and what type of experience they are likely to have during their stay.

If you want to learn more about the importance of brands and how they can best serve you, you might want to check out this article from Josh Barro for New York Magazine a few months back. There is probably one brand just right for you somewhere!

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