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  • Deborah Luedy

Have We Earned The Right To Say We Have A Brand

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Check out our branding elements on display at by clicking on the image above.

This question gave us cause to pause. Was it going to be painful to review, to evaluate, and to ask ourselves this question? Would there be more questions to come? Should we go easy on ourselves or ask the hard questions? As of this writing, we are in the startup phase of a new private client, digital on-line marketing service for commercial real estate. Not an easy undertaking.

The answers must be truthful and honest. We had to go through the checklist – Do we have a backstory? Did we clearly describe and define our mission and values? Have we identified the type of client that we want? If not, are we the brand that we want to be? Is what we are doing a true reflection of the image we want to project? And, have we engaged in social media responsibility? We, thankfully can say, yes for the most part. But our work is never done and it must always evolve and change for our clients. They are important to us as your brand should be to you.

If you want to learn more in better understanding the fundamentals in creating your brand, or in our case, review; please go to:

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