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Do You Prefer Firm or Soft Pillows?

I never imagined how these few words in the form of a question would lead to this week’s blog topic. Recently, I posed a series of questions to my adorable college-aged niece. She is planning her first college getaway family visit to California. Being the hospitality minded aunt than I am, one thing lead to another in finding how the brand name hotels like Marriott, Montage, Hilton help to make their guests feel welcomed. They first have to want to prioritize that the guest feel good experience is important to them as their brand. They embrace the routine of "being present" in the moment with their guest. Paying attention and accessible to their guests, to listen and to respond can be a reflection in the details that are paramount. As to the college-aged niece – she prefers her pillows firm. Whom am I not to listen? Even I have my own brand of service.

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If you would like to learn more about making a guest feel special, below is a short read from Tom Schauble @roomranger:

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