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  • Tim McDonald, Journalist for BBC News


Is an intro necessary for this graphic depicted below? Was this talked about at the water cooler when a water cooler existed? How far back does your dirt war go? And, did you wage a war on it in the spirit of a clean campaign (as graphic below depicts) as Singapore has done? Read on if you are now beginning to feel left out and want to know more.

BBC News journalist, Tim McDonald reports on this topic -click: to learn more.

At Exclusive Commercial Access Real Estate (C.A.R.E.), we CARE about a lot of things: a healthy heart in support of the American Heart Association, or animal welfare in our support of local adoption agents, perhaps it’s sustainability and everything that surrounds this topic as in this Singapore example. We also understand the importance of art in real estate and intend to create gateways in support of local artists with the potential of impacting architecture to ensure a robust future. Contact us now for your private investment needs.

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