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Is it Back to Business Basics this Holiday Season?

"Why Customers Choose Your Business Over The Competition" by Gary Dahl, part of the "Advertising For Dummies Cheat Sheet", mentions five (5) fundamental basics as to why the customer chooses you. Sometimes why the customer chooses your place of business is really based on these simple, yet important characteristics. Perhaps you won’t mind a brief reminder as we have included a few excerpts from Mr. Dahl as they just may make your holiday season a bit brighter at the front desk or checkout line:

  • Personality: The personality of your business is friendly …Personality begins with you and the people who work for you.

  • Convenience: Your business practices should be convenient … Depending on your business, that means being open, available, or accessible … finding a good location; offering great parking; and ensuring a bright and cheerful ambiance …

  • Service: …customers want most from any business they patronize is good, old-fashioned service.

  • Uniqueness: …offer something they can’t get elsewhere.

  • Price: If you’re only … Make sure you’re offering several other benefits to your customers beyond price.

Want to add the ‘zest’ to your business this holiday season, please click the link below as Mr. Dahl has more to share:

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