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  • Deborah Luedy

A New Kid on the Block - And it could be Yours

In a recent announcement in the Hotel News Resource, it stated that venture and real estate capital for a new hotel collection known as “Life House”, is ready to launch. The founder of Life House, Rami Zeidan, is quoted as saying that problems that the hotel industry deals with are multi-faceted and stem from technology and real estate – not solely on its price or its experience. It goes on to say that they plan to sign long-term leases rather than be land owners. Due in part to Mr. Zeidan’s strong software and technology background and experience, we expect to see the Life House hotel collection to be very innovative in providing it’s guests a measurably and very competitive experience. It is likely to begin at the early stage of the various steps starting from consumer reservation to checkout.

For further inquiring minds, please click the following link below. And, remember, new ‘kids’ on the block tend to get noticed, especially if they are software and tech savvy.

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