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  • Deborah Luedy

Measuring Risk and Managing It – How Can We “Afford” Not To?

Image source: National Geographic

Property and casualty insurance – not a topic we speak on frequently in the board room as we are service-oriented not product driven in what we provide to our customers. Yet, we believe it is important to bring the question of your real estate investment protection to the table by asking the question “Are you measuring your risk and managing it to the best of your ability?”

The 2018 natural disaster events continue to capture our attention- earthquakes in Indonesia and Haiti; tropical cyclones in Oman and Yemen; forest fires in the State of California and hurricane and tornado type storms in the State Florida and along the Southeastern U.S. seaboard. These natural events cumulatively have moved us to do some research on natural disasters worldwide. So many of these disasters are significant with repercussions not only in the disruption of businesses, the economy, and in real estate values but for humankind on a very individual and personal level. Our first stop in our study began with the data resource service of Statista on the subject - The 10 most significant natural disasters worldwide by death toll from 1980 to 2017.

For an overview please see below:


Our service reminder to you is that if you have not taken the time to either review and evaluate your existing insurance coverage or have none, please take the quality time to do so. It may make a measurable and significant difference in whether you, your business, or your property will survive the next ‘storm or disaster’ not unlike having a sewer backup, flood, fire, or even a builder’s risk. Managing one’s risk can be invaluable – whether it’s for your property or your life.

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