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  • Joshua Kennon

EXPOSURE, STUDY, AND EXPERIENCE: Working on Mastering Your Understanding of R

The act of investing can happen overnight. But then again, so can losses. But, the ability to master the full understanding of what real estate investing is, how to increase your “wins”, and to reduce your “losses” can take years of study and practice in getting it right.

Earlier this year, Joshua Kennon wrote an article on the forms of investing which entails a conversation on what he calls the “five basic asset classes”. He defines investing as a broad category inclusive of activities centered on making money. He goes on to say that the simplest form of making money is from rents in lieu of market (real estate) appreciation.

We encourage this read only to remind us as real estate investors, it never hurts to go back to the “basics of 101” to make sure we have not been blind-sided by the times – good or bad.

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