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  • David Ludwig

Trademark Name Protection – and We do not Mean for The R.E. Broker

Please click on the link to see the full article from Realtor Magazine published July-August 2018:

Why Exclusive C.A.R.E. executives selected this article:

Would this ever occur to you as a real estate broker or agent? The question pertains to the use of certain taglines in your marketing of a property for sale or for your particular services. The simple example used in this preface to the main article (see below) is that you may be breaking a trademark law by using a community project name in relationship to the marketing of your services. You could potentially receive a cease and desist letter from the project developer who’s registered a federal trademark for its name which you’ve chosen to name in connection with real estate brokerage and management services. Although we do not profess to state that we know how prevalent this might be by real estate brokerage firms or by its individual agents, the apparent potential for disputes is significant. Check out the article for further insight.

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