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What's the difference between the Web and the Internet

Exclusive C.A.R.E. - @EXCARE2018 - - is an online private service provider for buyers and sellers of real estate at the upper investment range. We are able to do this in large part due to the tools made available to us via the web and internet. As individuals and as a company we never stop learning or advancing in our own capabilities.

The web pages we utilize and the system of which we access information through the internet remains in our minds a wonder in technology. The use of both for some have all too often been taken for granted. May you find the article excerpt and corresponding link below a reasonably acceptable and interesting primer on both. And too be reminded of just how fortunate we are in the many benefits they provide to us with discoveries yet to be made. Consider the following excerpt and corresponding link following:

"Twenty or thirty years ago, there was something you could take for granted: you could walk into a public library, open up a reference book, and find information on almost any subject you wanted. What we take for granted nowadays is that we can sit down at practically any computer, almost anywhere on the planet, and access an online information library far more powerful than any public library on Earth: the World Wide Web. Twenty-first century life is so dependent on the Web that it seems remarkable we ever lived without it. Yet the Web was invented less than 30 years ago and has been a huge popular success for only about 20 of them. One of the greatest inventions of all time... is also one of the newest!

Artwork: Our gateway to the world: the World Wide Web (WWW) is made from information that travels across the Internet. When you look at a website, a program running on your computer (a web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) pulls the information you need off a powerful, centralized computer (a web server). Each server may be firing pages out to hundreds, thousands, or millions of browsers at more or less the same time. A single web page might be downloaded from just one server or it could be built from separate parts downloaded from dozens of different servers all over the world.

What's the difference between the Web and the Internet?

Let's get one thing straight before we go any further: the Web and the Internet are two totally different things:

  • The Internet is a worldwide network of computers, linked mostly by telephone lines; the Web is just one of many things (called applications) that can run on the Internet. When you send an email, you're using the Internet: the Net sends the words you write over telephone lines to your friends. When you chat to someone online, you're most likely using the Internet too—because it's the Net that swaps your messages back and forth. But when you update a blog or Google for information to help you write a report, you're using the Web over the Net. You can read more in our article about how the Internet works.

  • The Web is the worldwide collection of text pages, digital photographs, music files, videos, and animations you can access over the Internet. What makes the Web so special (and, indeed, gives it its name) is the way all this information is connected together. The basic building blocks of the Web are pages of text, like this one—Web pages as we call them. A collection of Web pages on the same computer is called a website. Every web page (including this one) has highlighted phrases called links(or hypertext links) all over it. Clicking one of these takes you to another page on this website or another website entirely. So far, so simple."...

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