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  • Deborah Luedy

The Marketing of a Beach City

This week’s blog topic and highlight of information was a tough choice. Would we focus on the on-going and continuing success of one of the largest international hotel brands; the 2017 annual report of one of the top 3 hotel owner/operators or a California beach city known as Huntington Beach. If you haven’t guessed it by now, hands down we chose the 200, 000 plus populated ocean-side City of Huntington Beach as this week’s favored choice. Why you might ask. Two reasons stood out. One – it is like the little engine that could; and Two – the amount of statistical information related to California travel was loaded with goodies. You can find an abundance of quality and informative travel and tourism data in their 2016/2017 Annual Report and 2017/18 Destination Business Plan. And if this is your thing, we recommend visiting Huntington Beach...

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