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Our History

After major markets took a dramatic downturn in 2008, new business models emerged in the commercial real estate industry. Some struggled and failed, largely because the people behind them lacked experience and knowledge. Fast forward. Exclusive Commercial Access Real Estate’s online marketing service is a collaborative private network.

Our Differentiation

We believe we can change the real estate investment experience by adhering to our six principles. Although we do not claim to change lives, we do claim to take exclusive care in every aspect of the services provided from start to finish. 

Our Six Principles 

We focus on the importance of privacy and the objectives of our clients. We are guided by six principles.


  1. Experience and expertise are critical to success.

  2. Long-term relationships are the most valued.

  3. Always operate with trust and integrity.

  4. Staying in front of market trends.

  5. Be consistent and timely in communications.

  6. Success comes from working with buyers and sellers who share our principles.

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